14 Arguments in Favor of Now Sexual Activity

It’s Exercise

Even though it’s not a complete workout, it might nevertheless have the same health benefits as moderate exercise. It increases your heart rate in a manner similar to that of a leisurely bike ride or brisk stroll.

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Beneficial to a Woman’s Heart

Compared to women who have sex once a month, those who have it a few times a week are less likely to develop heart disease. It’s unclear if this is because it promotes heart health in women or because it tastes better on healthy women.

Could Heal Your Headache

Bid farewell to the trusted standby. “Dear, not tonight. My headache is here. It turns out that having sex helps reduce discomfort, including migraines and other types of headaches. Not in the mood to be flirtatious? Try saying, “Honey, not tonight.” I have a gastrointestinal ailment that is very infectious. Functions without fail.

Reduces Tension

Sexier people have less anxiety while doing hard jobs like math or public speaking. However, the research indicates that it is only effective when you have a partner; masturbating is not included.

You could have a longer life.

According to one study, married women who experienced more frequent climaxes appeared to have a little longer lifespan. It’s unclear to researchers if having sex really extends life or if it’s an indication of a healthy person. However, why take a chance?

Enhances Mental Acuity

Positively, sex has been associated with the proliferation of new brain cells. The difference was significant: those over 50 with more sex were better at basic arithmetic and numerical memory. Men appeared to benefit more from it than women, although both groups outperformed those with fewer sex.

Brings You Joy

It’s not necessary to overdo it; once a week would do. Beyond that, the impact diminishes. However, research has only been done on committed couples, so all bets are off if you’re trying to reach your quota by hitting up random people at your neighborhood pub.

strengthens your relationship with your partner

Sex causes the production of the hormone oxytocin, which intensifies emotions of intimacy, fondness, and connection with your spouse. It benefits all parties involved in the relationship by fostering a solid, long-lasting bond.

Maintains Your Slim

You’ll probably be thinner the more sex you have. Is it because having more sex keeps you in shape? Or because more sex is had by those who are lean? Although scientists aren’t entirely sure, you may try to find out with just a bathroom scale and a companion.

Beneficial to Mental Health

More sexually active adults in committed partnerships are less likely to suffer from depression or take mental health medications.

Aids in Combating the Common Cold

Vitamin C, get over here. Saliva samples from college students who had sex twice a week showed higher levels of antibodies that fight colds than those who had sex less frequently.

Promotes Sleep

Both men and women experience an increase in endorphins and oxytocin during an orgasm, which reduces pain and promotes relaxation. Both of those can facilitate better sleep, however many women and scientists agree that males experience the benefit more strongly.

You Might Have a Child

The more sex you have, the more probable it is that you will conceive during the correct time of the month. However, having more sex may also help men produce better sperm and prepare women for pregnancy, which can expedite the process.

Benefits Your Future Self

Individuals with higher sex numbers may also have higher quality of life in the future. Having an active sexual life in middle age increases the likelihood that you will continue as you age, which is associated with improved health and satisfaction.