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still there was a good house. Mr. Gee, leader (master of the Band of the 39th) carried out this musical entertainment with nice credit to himself and employer. The performance of the vocalists was each factor that could possibly be anticipated; and in a number of songs they have been encored. The overture to Der Freischutz was performed in a superior manner.

From as early because the 1860s, nonetheless, his own and his household’s recurring problems additionally began to be reported. Gabb himself was detained for public drunkenness at least twice in 1863, his daughter had a baby out of wedlock in 1866, his son Daniel was a number of occasions detained for exposing himself, and in 1869 his spouse Eleanor had to be restrained from pawning the household’s possessions to pay for her drinking behavior. When lastly, in 1870, Gabb was removed from the submit of leader of the band of the Philharmonic Society, it was alleged that members had been “disgusted” by his (unspecified) behaviour. Sir, – Being to some extent fascinated, I take the liberty of trespassing on your house in bringing underneath notice what I conceive to be a growing evil in Queanbeyan.

“Certainly,” and gave them to him. As quickly as he left the room the interpreter asked me if I knew him? I said No – he by no means returned. I inquired, and found he had escaped out of the house; I didn’t see him once more till the 2d of December, once I apprehended him at Bath. I discovered one watch in pledge at Bath, and saw the opposite at Bow-street; I shouldn’t have parted with them with out the money.

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Waltz, polka, schottische, and quadrille followed in speedy succession to the enlivening strains of Mr. Gard’s band . On Tuesday night time the “Lady of Lyons” was performed on the Haymarket Theatre to a really respectable home . We need hardly say, though Madame Garcia was introduced to offer a dance between the items, she did not appear .

From the very trendy manner during which the proprietor will get up these select reunions, a delightful evening’s amusement is anticipated. In the forties the variety of musical professors was naturally restricted. There was Madame Dudemaine in Park-street, and there was Abraham Emmanuel in Prince-street; Francis Ellard taught and bought UNSW Bella MELODIA music in George-street, and Samuel William Friedlander was to be found at four Portobello-place, Goulburn-street; Mr. John Gibbs was in Elizabeth-street.

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And fortune always favor’d him Until the time of late When Bourke the brave O’Maley too Met with a dreadful destiny. Last week the police at Yass apprehended two young males who gave their names as Francis Clarke and Edward Prior, on suspicion of stealing sixteen head of horses which that they had pushed into that town for the purpose of being bought by public sale.

if the committee of the Captain Cook’s Statue will reimburse me the sum which I was out of pocket for giving the last two concerts in Hyde Park Pavilion. Until then the committee needn’t hope for more from us. I plead guilty of having sinned, but I will promise never to sin once more. The next moonlight promenade live performance won’t, due to this fact, be given for the profit of Captain Cook’s statue, however for the profit of the Industrial Schools.

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Apartment in Mrs. Selby’s home. Interior of Uncle Tom’s cabin. Another a half of Selby’s plantation.

and rendered essentially the most efficient assist in bringing the worshippers underneath the harmonizing, sanctifying in fluences of the Gospel of Peace. It was primarily linked with the service of God and of the sanctuary, and led its votaries in the means in which of pleasantness, conducting them by larger businesses into the paths of peace. But it was not to be regarded as being anything more than a robust auxiliary to faith.

The complete to conclude with the Laughable extravaganza of JACK ROBINSON AND HIS MONKEY. Harrington, F. Germone, and D. An environment friendly choir, composed of members of various choirs on the town, along side that of St. Andrews’,