Is It Safe For Americans To Travel To Cancun? Travelers Should Know What To Do

Do not allow the media to make you think Mexico is unsafe when you travel with the family to cities like St. Louis, New Orleans and Kansas City. If you want to cancel your trip to Mexico before you start imagining things that won’t happen, please find out what is real and fake about the Mexico travel warnings. Cancun weatherLevel 1 is the least severe and level 4 the most severe of the travel advisories. Prosecutors and police said Tuesday that a tourist was killed in a robbery at a U.S. chain coffee shop. If you can’t spend the weekend in another country without smoking weed, you should probably check yourself into a rehabilitation facility.

It may not live up to the gay nightlife scene in Puerto Vallarta, but Cancun is still a very gay-friendly city. Even though 2019 set a record for violence against LGBTQ+ individuals in Mexico—especially trans women and gay men—that statistic is across the entire country and Cancun is relatively safe. If you’ve traveled around Mexico or you speak Spanish, navigating around the city is much easier.

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When you arrive, please request the bar menu in order to check the prices. During Holy Week in April of this year, four people were killed in the hotel zone, highlighting the severity of the problem. If you have to spend more money to stay safe and listen to your intuition, do it. Even if you can get a ride, it is better not to. Other taxis may stop the car and make you leave. I can see reviews for the driver and know that the rides are tracked.

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There are no restrictions on travel by U.S. government employees. There are no restrictions on travel for U.S. government employees in Tlaxcala state. Organized crime activity, including gun battles, murder, armed robbery, carjacking, kidnapping, forced disappearances, extortion and sexual assault is common along the northern border and in Ciudad Victoria.

Hotels, restaurants, tours and water parks must operate at 50% capacity under orange conditions, while beaches can only admit 30% of their normal levels. There have been reports of drug gang related shootings. The violence has been targeted at specific gang members. The Mexican government deployed 1,500 National Guard members to patrol the beaches in order to ensure safety after the incidents. The guards are not very noticeable, save for the occasional photo op of someone on the beach in a full uniform. Travelers can take precautions when visiting Chichén Itz.

Infamous for its party culture, there is never a dull moment in this seaside town. While it is true that more crimes tend to happen after dark, as a tourist, Cancun still remains relatively safe. For the ultimate Cancun safety tip, just be sure to stick to the main tourist areas. La Vaquita, Señor Frogs, and Congo bar are not to be missed party hangouts and they are all located on the main drag, Boulevard Kukulcan. Large groups of locals and visitors walked and biked the streets with comfort during late weekend nights.

If you have a chip and pin card, you should ask the waiter at the bar or restaurant to put the payment terminal in your table. Eating or drinking contaminated food or water can cause travelers’ diarrhea, also known as Montezuma’s revenge. It’s a good idea to purchase a carbon monoxide detector and take it with you to be on the safe side. When home appliances and systems emit fumes that people breathe in, accidental poisoning can occur. In May a group of American tourists died at a Sandals Resort in the Bahamas. Taxis are generally safe and reliable and if possible, get one with a working meter rather than an agreed upon price so that no one tries to con you out of more money at your destination.

Some of the world’s most recognized andReputable governments have a more formal and accurate source of information for international travel advisories. Their goal is to advise and aid their own citizens when it comes to world travel and give accurate warnings about safety and security. We will take a look at the Mexico travel advisory boards from the United States to see how to travel safe and securely. If you’re in Mexico, be careful with the type of water you drink. This applies to ice in hotels, bars and restaurants.

In states with high crime, tourist areas have been spared. In the state of Guanajuato, a haven for U.S. retirees, San Miguel de Allende is an island of relative peace. The taxi unions in Cancn lost a court case against them in January.

If you are on spring break, chances are slim that you will need emergency care. The stress of planning a vacation can be alleviated by booking excursions through resorts in Mexico. Travelers can float on a beach next to the Caribbean Sea if they land in Mexico. Despite media sensationalism, U.S. travelers are more safe in Mexico than in most U.S. cities. They don’t mention that most of that violence is drug traffic related, or that you can count the number of tourists who are affected by it on one hand. Why would anyone want to buy drugs in Mexico if nothing is going to happen?