Sexual activity that takes place when at least one person is menstruation, or during their period, is referred to as “period sex.” Period sex may entail:

piercing sexual relations

Talking sex

Masturbation in action

Additional sexual pursuits

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Some find it enjoyable to have sex throughout their menstrual cycle, whereas others may choose not to have sex during their period.

Some individuals may find it uncomfortable to have sex when they are on their period, but for others, it may be exciting and easy. For instance, it might be difficult for couples to self-lubricate—that is, to get and remain moist during intercourse. Intercourse may be made simpler by the natural lubricating properties of menstrual blood.

Due to the vagina and vulva (external genital organs) swelling with blood during menstruation, some persons experience increased sensitivity during sexual encounters.

Sex throughout the time might help lessen symptoms. Since sexual activity generates endorphins, which reduce pain, having sex while on your period may help soothe cramps. For some people, having sex can also help reduce the discomfort or headaches they have.

Prior to attempting period sex, make sure you discuss your comfort level with your partner. It might be messy at times, and not everyone will find it enjoyable.

Myths and Fallacies Regarding Period Sex

The idea that you can’t or shouldn’t have sex when you’re on your period is a prevalent one about period sex. While on your period, you can still have sex, but there are certain hazards to consider.

Sexually transmitted infections (STDs) risk

Engaging in sexual activity without the use of a condom or other form of contraception raises the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STDs). Certain sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV, are more easily transmitted during period sex.

You can utilize the barrier method of contraception to reduce this risk. This entails erecting a wall of sorts to keep your reproductive organs from coming into touch with your skin. Depending on the kind of sex you are having, dental dams, male condoms, and female condoms are examples of contraception that are suitable for this.

Pregnancy Risk

Unprotected intercourse can result in pregnancy in addition to STDs, even if you are menstruating. Use birth control, such as a condom, diaphragm, intrauterine device (IUD), or birth control tablets, to avoid getting pregnant unintentionally. To find out which type of birth control is best for you, consult your doctor.

How to Investigate Period Sex on Your Own or with a Partner

Obtaining consent from each person involved is important whenever you try a new sexual activity since it helps to guarantee that limits are respected. It’s important to express your wants, expectations, and emotional limits.

Make sure to take out your menstrual cup or tampon if you want to engage in penetrative intercourse, which includes using your fingers or inserting a sex object within your vagina. Failure to do so might result in subsequent health issues, including infections.

If you decide to attempt period sex, you might want to take the following extra precautions:

Start with sexual positions like missionary where there is less menstrual flow.

To prevent stains on your bedding, use a towel.

Try engaging in sexual activities in a spot that can be cleaned quickly, like the shower.

Maintain a washcloth, tissues, or menstruation wipes close by.

Keep talking to your spouse about what you need.